Private Commissions

Thank you for requesting that I make an original piece of art for you. Your satisfaction is my biggest priority and what I set out below will help us work together so that you have a work to be proud of.


First I like to hear what you have in mind for your piece. Please contact me, and be as descriptive as possible.  The more information of what you have in mind or are looking for will help guide me in the direction I will take for your individual piece. You can also be general and I will confirm if it is in line with what I do.

I suggest that you take a look at the range of work on my website and social media and let me know which pieces resonate with you the most. 


It’s important that you appreciate that I will require a large degree of creative freedom.

Please take a look at the range of styles, techniques, and forms of my finished art so that you can familiarise yourself with my art, and style(s).

Style(s) and aesthetics can vary depending on the media I use, and thus textures and variations in colours do occur. As I create I continuously reflect on the entire composition, the background, the dimensions, and how the piece is coming together. These are the hours of work that you don’t see, and I take great pride in making sure I make meaningful and well-made art.

If you choose to send me images, photos or illustrations as components, or as a whole of the piece you wish me to create; I strictly reserve the right to use any such pieces only as ‘inspiration’ for the work I will produce, and may vary colours and styles to match the finished piece as a whole, in order to retain the character and style of my work.


Once the deposit has been received, I will make a rough sketch of your ideas and share it with you for your approval. My work at this point is composed of 50% your description / vision and 50% of my creativity. It is vitally important that you communicate any further requests/amendments and feedback at this stage.


Following your feedback and approval I’ll agree to make minor variations where possible.

If there are any variations that require a significant reinvestment of my time, then extra charges will apply in order to reflect the extra creative effort, and time taken to alter the piece.

It’s understandable for you to change your mind along the way, but please understand the implications of any changes you require; changes will likely increase both the cost, and extend the delivery time of the commission.

I try to be as accommodating as possible as your complete satisfaction and enjoyment of the piece are my ultimate aims.

Please refer to the pricing section further below for more information.


For digital works (ie. logos), you’ll receive digital print file(s) of the finished piece.

For art commissions, you’ll receive an A2 print of the finished piece.  If requested and quoted, you will also receive the digital print file(s).


Each commission is exclusive to the person requesting it. Each piece will be uniquely yours, and I do not sell copies of commissions as prints. Similar and inspired pieces (though never the same) may be created or used in the future for other commissions for example for people who request art with similar religious or aesthetic themes, however, I always strive to make each piece unique in its own right and with its own character.

I reserve the right to use any finished work for my online promotion.


My typical turn around time for artwork is a maximum of 4 weeks. This may vary with complexity, size, and the amount of work involved.

I will discuss a timeframe with you.


Prices vary depending on;

  • The type/piece of art being commissioned (ie.Orisha art, logo etc.)
  • Time taken to complete.
  • The complexity of the piece. 

Once we have discussed your ideas and agree that I can execute your piece I will confirm the total commission price.

To begin work on your art I require a 50% deposit.  I accept payment via Paypal, or direct bank transfer.  On request, I will create an invoice on request for any work, for either deposit or final payment, or both.

Exchange rates may vary daily. You can calculate on the link below;

Google Calculate Currency

Where we’ve agreed you wish to make variations to a piece, I reserve the right to charge any variations based on an hourly rate, which will be proportional to both the price, and time taken to complete.


I reserve the right to retain any deposits (either in full or partial) paid for any time already invested during the ‘process’ stage, if an agreement cannot be made between both/all parties on any commission.  For further details on deposit and balance payments, please refer to section 21 of my terms and conditions.

Thank you for taking the time to read and agree to this, I look forward to working with you.