About Me

I am a Brazilian/British visual artist based in Manchester UK. My inspiration comes from everything around me but mainly all things Afro-Brazilian , all things mythology, all things voodoo, Brothers Grimm, Native American, storytelling, psychology and pop culture. I like to investigate what all these have in common and how they reflect in different cultures. I like to draw human faces , especially the eyes. I try not to make the same things all the time but some recurrent themes keep coming back: faces, skulls, heroes, myths etc. I like to mix acrylics, printmaking, ink and photography with digital to create unique pieces. Thanks for visiting my page, I genuinely hope you like it.

“The work of Andre Hora is a bridge between the unknown and the real, in an attempt to fill the gap between imagination and reality.  Through his work he invites us to share in his emotions. In his paintings poetry emerges from his style in perfect harmony with the tradition of Brazil.  Sensitivity, light, colour are hallmarks of André’s work.  Light penetrates his desire of sun , movement and vibration. Always and continuously full of warmth and life . those are the influences of the sky of Bahia, his homeland. ” – Rita Benneditto

“Peaux sombres, couleurs chatoyantes, parfois violentes, animent la peinture de ce jeune artiste peintre arrivé du Brésil (…) André Hora peint tout d’abord sa culture, où la mixité définit son peuple. la négritude, la culture yorouba, l’héritage afro-brésilien est un thème évidemment récurrent, mais qui prend des tonalités différentes selon les techniques”  – La Nouvelle République, France

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